LEADS for Health Security and Resilience Consortium LEADS for Health Security
and Resilience Consortium

LEADS: Leading Evidence-based Actions through Data Science for Health Security and Resilience


To harness data science and analytics against the COVID19 pandemic toward promoting health security and resilience in the Philippines.


A responsive and resilient Philippine health system against global health emergencies.


Catalyzing data-driven actions, Transforming public health security and resilience - nationwide.

Our Challenge

The COVID19 pandemic poses a threat with a magnitude and complexity beyond what the Philippines, or any country, has experienced. National governments are overwhelmed. Local Government Units (LGUs) are oftentimes left for themselves to act. One major challenge is empowering our decision-makers to respond quickly, effectively, and efficiently based on the best available evidence and within the confines of limited resources - all in the background of competing priorities to implement actions on the ground and save lives right away.

Our Beneficaries

Existing local epidemiological models have projected initial deaths in hundreds or even tens of thousands throughout the country. Through our solutions, we hope to move not only the public health sector but also various stakeholders from the government, academe, NGOs, and the private sector through cutting-edge data science-informed policy recommendations to curb the COVID19 pandemic. Special focus shall be given to the local government units (LGUs) as they are considered to be the “government front liners” in a devolved setting. In such situations when the national government is overwhelmed, these LGUs could receive less national support and this is where our consortium would like to add value. By helping the LGUs, we could potentially prevent thousands, or even millions, of deaths.

Our Value Of Promise

Data science is a nascent but rapidly emerging field in the country. In this age where data is being produced in faster velocity, bigger volume and deeper variety, the largely untapped potential of data science can be harnessed to come up with evidence-based actions to mitigate the public health impact of this disaster. Our consortium adds the following value directed to national and local decision-makers:

  1. Catalyzing data-driven actions

    By providing dashboards and the accompanying technical and policy briefs, we aim to provide actionable insights to our decision-makers, especially those in the LGUs, and other stakeholders to come together and implement evidence-informed actions.

  2. Transforming public health security and resilience - nationwide

    By focusing not only on assisting in the on-going pandemic response but also on future preparedness, we aim to produce relevant research and innovations to strengthen our public health security capacity and overall health resilience to better respond to global health emergencies.

Who We Are

Through the lead of the Philippine Society of Public Health Physicians (PSPHP), our consortium consists of professionals from academia, civil society, and private sector coming together in the wake of the evolving COVID19 pandemic. Capitalizing on our diverse but synergistic disciplines, we aim to harness the intersection of public health and data science to catalyze data-driven solutions toward transforming public health security and resilience, nationwide.

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